About Us

Ultimate Removal, Inc. is a demolition contractor in the “tenant improvement” niche of commercial construction. Our company began in 1995 with the belief that by providing competitive, consistent pricing along with a clean and safe job site we could compete with the best in the industry. Ultimate Removal, Inc. is now one of the largest tenant improvement demolition contractors in the Los Angeles area.

Our years in business have afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the largest general contractors in the area. Our teams are setup to handle projects of all types and sizes. All of our crew foreman have a dedicated, completely equipped stake-bed truck, along with access to any company owned or rentable equipment available. We also have crews dedicated to performing hard demolition tasks such as concrete cutting and breaking, and demo of asphalt, steel structures and in-suite stairways. They have been trained and certified for concrete saw cutting, breaking and loading with a bobcat and/or remote controlled demolition robots.